Ultrasound pregnancy testing of cows, both in beef and dairy cattle is not new. It is an expanding service, as producers start to use and understand the benefits of ultrasound scanning compared to manual pregnancy testing. Our business is using up-to-date technology to assist us in identifying cows in calf earlier and at the same time being less invasive to the cow. The UltraStock team provides a pregnancy scanning service to cattle producers covering an area of Central, North East, North West, Northern Victoria, West Gippsland and Southern NSW. Our team will travel to provide this service to other parts of Victoria and New South Wales if requested. The cost for us to ultrasound pregnancy test your herd is not as expensive as people would believe.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large herd contact us by phone or email to discuss the costs and benefits. 
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Spring Calving

2011 Spring Calving, when to preg test after AI, Embryo Implant or after the Bull is removed.